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A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory (1991)

Gang Starr - Step In The Arena (1991)

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Mecca & The Soul Brother (1992)

Guru - Jazzmatazz, Vol. 1 (1993)

Digable Planets - Blowout Comb (1994)

Common - Resurrection (1994)

The Roots - Do You Want More?!!!??! (1995)

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music (2003)

Madlib - Shades of Blue (2003)


RIP Keith Elam and Jun Seba.


If Black people knew their glorious history they’d be more inclined to respect themselves
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My locs are pretty versatile. Lol ♥

I need her, like now

632 plays Comfortable Feat. No Gypsy Mick Jenkins The Water[s]

My shit

3,206 plays Martyrs Mick Jenkins The Water[s]


Mick Jenkins - Martyrs

1,370 plays Healer (Feat. Jean Deaux) Mick Jenkins The Water[s]
1,762 plays Jazz Mick Jenkins


Mick Jenkins | Jazz

Arguably the best thing to come out of Chicago since Kanye/Common.The Water[s] will be the best hip-hop album of this year (along with B4.Da.$$). Promise. This one’s for the “I listen to everything but “rap” crowd.” 

2,612 plays The Waters Mick Jenkins The Water[s]


Mick Jenkins - The Waters

2,156 plays Jerome (feat. Joey Bada$$) Mick Jenkins The Water[s]


Download Mick Jenkins' sophomore mixtape, The Water[s], here.

22,491 plays Crossroads (feat. Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa) Mick Jenkins


This is well put together…and it features Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa.

I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature.. All of this is art to me.
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