• suburban, white conservative: "PRO LIFE! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!"
  • *black child gets shot by cop*
  • suburban, white conservative: *crickets chirping*
Im just gonna let my music do all the speaking from here on…no more Twitter. I’m over it…niggas hacked my shit & tweeted things that I never said.putting words into my mouth I never said & ppl are retweeting like its my words…that shit ghey…my last & final tweet was the link to the #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS mixtape. from here on if you want my words check my tumblr or wait for new shit to drop.I’m ULTRA thankful for everyone who downloaded & listened to #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS top to bottom….all the fly tumblr kids that reblogged/liked it…gotta shout out Jermaine @ Medhi @ for being the 1st BT2/tumblr kids to post my music when no one cared about me…i hope your proud buddy! just know that this project was made in 2-3 months along with my EP 006 thats dropping on Valentines Day in Black History Month. special thank yous to Troy, Ammo & Ben for riding with me staying up 3-4 days in a row in the studio writing those long ass verses 64 bars, 92 bars, 32 bars shit like that…i don’t write 16’s that shits so 2002. I walked 10miles from North Philly to South Philly to create Sleep It Off ( my favorite off the tape) with Ritz & had Leah in tears, when she heard my verse. i was suicidal this time last year & now I’m happier than ever! i met back with my dad after 14 years & my manager flew from France to America to work for me…this is the best year of my life thus my nigga Quentin B told me it would…you guys are my family. other than my father, no one in my immediate family has been here for me in any form of way. i feel used…i feel that ppl only love me for what they can get from me & do not offer the same in return. but fuk all that I’m dropping new shit on my 21st bday, December 30th and gonna shoot like 3 videos during the break. i got my nephew a Nintendo 3DS today & all i wanna do is watch him play Mario Kart 3D…i dedicate the #DIRTYMIDDLECLASS tape to all the kids like me. to all the loners out there, your not alone. and Troys middle fingers on the cover is for all the lame ass niggas/bitches who don’t like the wise words of KW “haters saying you changed…now you doin ya thang” Happy Christmas - Young 27


"Talkin’ Chanel sluts, and Fendi whores. So now I don’t believe in dream girls anymore"  

— Asaad

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Asaad - Dirty White Leathers (prod. Nascent & QB)

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Off Asaad's upcoming mixtape, Flowers II, set to drop March 27th.

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